SE-2012-01 Press Info (4)

18 March 2013, Poznan, Poland

Security Explorations decided to release technical details of Issue 54 that was reported to Oracle on Feb 25, 2013 and that was evaluated by the company as the "allowed behavior" [1].

As of Mar 18, 2013 no information was received from Oracle that would indicate that Issue 54 is treated by the company as a security vulnerability.

Security Explorations believes that 3 weeks (from Feb 25 to Mar 18) constitutes enough time for a major software vendor to deliver a final confirmation or denial of a reported issue. This especially concerns a vendor that has been a subject of a considerable criticism regarding competent and prompt handling of security vulnerabilities in its software.

Security Explorations is publishing the following material in a hope that a wider public could conduct an independent evaluation of Issue 54 and deliver an unbiased judgment of both companies claims:

  • Short write-up presenting vulnerability details, its impact and a summary of vendor's response, PDF file, 300KB (download)
  • Proof of Concept code for Issue 54, ZIP file, 15KB (download)


  1. [1] SE-2012-01 Vendors status (http://www.security-explorations.com/en/SE-2012-01-status.html)

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