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01 May. 2019

Goodbye from Security Explorations

Dear All,

I'd like to announce that my activity conducted under the umbrella of Security Explorations is over.

Security Explorations has been always a one man shop. The original idea was to make it an independent outfit capable to self-fund its possibly high quality and influential security research that could be contributed to the public.

Unfortunately, this original idea has expired. Thus, my decision to cease Security Explorations' operations.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been supporting me in any form over the last 11 years. I'd like to thank all those that have been expressing appreciation or pure criticism to my work. I'd like to thank all individuals and companies I have been working with. It was my real pleasure to meet and serve you.

I hope Security Explorations' publications were educational, helpful, inspiring or just interesting reads for many. I hope they contributed to positive changes at some organizations and security improvements of real-life software products. I hope they triggered interest in a computer and network security at a younger generation.

Regardless of the ending, I feel extremely happy and lucky that I could do the things I have been always dreaming of and for such a long time. This makes me confident that it's always worth to chase one's dreams and follow one's passion.

I am full of hope and belief that some great things are still to come and that putting Security Explorations to an end is the necessary step to unlock them and make the beginning of a new journey to happen.

Thank you.

Adam Gowdiak

Founder / CEO, Security Explorations