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Nasze badania były przedmiotem ponad 200 publikacji w różnych mediach elektronicznych oraz drukowanych. Dotyczy to tak znanych agencji medialnych, jak i miedzynarodowych portali publikujących wiadomosci z sektora technologicznego.

Ta strona prezentuje odnośniki do niektórych z historii, które były przedmiotem ich publikacji.

Botched Java patch leaves millions vulnerable to 30-month-old attack
Java's latest security problems: New flaw identified, old one attacked
Java's new "very high" security mode can't protect you from malware
Yet another Java flaw allows "complete" bypass of security sandbox
Oracle reportedly knew of critical Java bugs under attack for 4 months
Oracle's Java Cloud Service open to code execution hacks, researchers warn
Researcher turns tables, discloses unpatched bugs in Google cloud platform
Critical Java vulnerability made possible by earlier incomplete patch (Updated)
Critical Java vulnerabilities confirmed in latest version
$5,000 will buy you access to another, new critical Java vulnerability (Updated)
Botched Java patch leaves millions vulnerable to 30-month-old attack
Another Java zero-day exploit in the wild actively attacking targets

Java still contains security flaws, experts claim

Hackers' Exploits of Java Renews Debate About Pace of Security Fixes

Java 7 patch released, experts say may contain flaws
Apple hacked by Facebook cyberattackers

New Java flaw could hit 1 billion users
New vulnerabilities found in latest Java update

Critical Java vulnerability due to incomplete earlier patch

Researchers find critical vulnerabilities in Java 7 Update 11
Another critical Java vulnerability puts 1 billion users at risk
Researchers publicly disclose vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Cloud Service
Java 7 vulnerability opens door to 10-year-old attack
Java's security problems unlikely to be resolved soon, researchers say
Researcher unearths two new Java zero-day bugs
Attackers are now exploiting a Java zero-day vulnerability
Researchers warn of new Java exploit being used by attackers
Experts prod Oracle to fix broken Java security
Researchers find critical vulnerability in Java 7 patch hours after release
Oracle's emergency Java patch blocks zero-day exploits, researchers confirm
Emergency Java update fixes two-year-old flaw after researchers bypass old patch
New bug makes moot Java's latest anti-exploit defenses, claims researcher
Oracle rushes patch to quash critical Java bugs
Oracle emergency Java patch delights and confuses
Two-year-old Java flaw re-emerges due to broken patch
Apple tries to kill its own Java on most Macs
Oracle finally adds whitelisting capabilities to Java
Java 7 update 10 lets users restrict Java apps in browsers
Year in review: Most popular 'Security Is Sexy' posts of 2012
There are a dozen known flaws in Java
Researcher digs up another zero-day Java bug
More than 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine
Post-patch, US-CERT continues call to disable Java plug-in
Nokia admits security flaws in Series 40 OS

Java Security Work Remains, Bug Hunter Says
Polish Security Firm Discloses Unpatched Security Flaws in Google App Engine
Security Experts: Java Should Be Disabled Unless Necessary
Hackers Target Java 6 With Security Exploits
Java Security Feature FAIL: Researcher Bypasses Java Sandbox, Security Settings
Java Vulnerability Affects 1 Billion Plug-ins
9 Must-Know Java Security Facts
Java Zero-Day Malware Attack: 6 Facts
Java Emergency Patch Slaps McRAT Infections
3 Must-Fix Vulnerabilities Top Oracle CPU Patches

Oracle's Java Security Woes Mount As Researchers Spot A Bug In Its Critical Bug Fix
Beware Fake Microsoft And Amazon Emails Exploiting Java Security Vulnerability
Another Critical Security Flaw In Java Appears Before Oracle Has Even Resolved The Last One
Oracle Quietly Releases Fix For Serious Java Security Bug--Months After It Was Reported
Forget Oracle's Latest Java Patch. Just Kill The Program In Your Browser For Good
Oh No Not Again! New Vulnerability Uncovered In Latest Java Update

Oracle releases emergency Java fix after US gov't warning about security flaws
1 Billion computers at risk from Java exploit

Oracle and Apple Struggle to Deal with Java Security Issues
Vulnerability in Java Reflection Library Fixed after 30 Months

Three-year-old IBM patch for critical Java flaw is broken
J2ME breach infects Nokia phones
New bug neutralizes latest Java security updates
Over 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine
Battle lines drawn in the war on Java
Researchers find serious flaw in latest JRE for desktops, servers

What You Need to Know About the Java Exploit
Security Fix for Critical Java Flaw Released

Oracle updates Java, but security experts say bugs remain
Apple removing Java from users' Web browsers on security concerns
Oracle's Java software still a major worry, despite recent fixes
Experts urge PC users to disable Java, citing security flaw

New Java Exploit Puts 1 Billion Computers at Risk
Emergency Patch Fixes Fifth Java Flaw This Year

Oracle's Java patch contains new holes, researchers warn
Five new flaws found in the latest version of Java
More than 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine
Researchers: Java's security problems unlikely to be resolved soon
Another Java flaw exploited, security researchers warn
Researchers publicly disclose vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Cloud Service
Three-year-old IBM patch for critical Java flaw is broken
Two-year-old Java flaw re-emerges due to broken patch
Oracle Knew About Currently Exploited Java Vulnerabilities for Months, Researcher Says
Experts prod Oracle to fix broken Java security
Another Java flaw exploited, security researchers warn
Researchers publicly disclose vulnerabilities in Oracle Java Cloud Service
Researchers: Serious flaw in Java Runtime Environment for desktops, servers
If you don't really need Java, get rid of it
Two-year-old Java flaw re-emerges due to broken patch
Cybercriminals using digitally signed Java exploits to trick users
More than 30 vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine
Researchers Find Critical Vulnerability in Java 7 Patch Hours After Release
Three-year-old IBM patch for critical Java flaw is broken
Oracle Knew About Currently Exploited Java Vulnerabilities for Months, Researcher Says
Oracle rushes out another Java update, fixing 50 vulnerabilities

U.S. government warns on Java as security concerns escalate
Apple drops Java after experts warn Mac users on its security
Oracle updates Java, security expert says it still has bugs

Security Explorations calls out IBM on old fix
Java thrashing continues with new vulnerabilty discovery
Deja vu? Oracle may be dealing with another Java exploit
New Java exploit on the loose following recent security update
Numerous flaws discovered in Google App Engine
Oracle to issue Java patch following US Homeland Security warning

Security Firm Releases Details of Unpatched Google App Engine Flaws
Researchers Bypass Patch for Old IBM Java Flaw
Another IBM Java Patch Bypassed by Researchers
Security Researchers Publish Java Flaw for Peer Review
22 Vulnerabilities Found in Oracle Database Java VM Implementation
Oracle Reissues Patch for Two-Year-Old Java Flaw
Google Pays Out $50,000 Reward For App Engine Vulnerabilities
Newly-Discovered Java Vulnerability Enables Bypass of Security Sandbox
Cybercriminals Waste Little Time in Targeting Latest Java Flaws
Oracle Critical Patch Update for April 2016 Fixes 136 Vulnerabilities
Oracle Fixes 154 Flaws With Critical Patch Update
Oracle Java Update 7 Contains Another Security Flaw
Security Explorations Launches New Research Program

Experts Unhappy with Oracle's Java Cloud Patching Process, Vulnerability Details Published
Oracle Confirms Existence of 30 Security Holes in Java Cloud Service
Experts Find 28 Security Issues in Oracle's Java Cloud Service
Researchers Identify Two Sandbox Escape Vulnerabilities in IBM SDK for Java 7.0
Experts Find Sandbox Bypass Vulnerability in Java 7 Update 25
Oracle Fixes 40 Java Vulnerabilities with June 2013 CPU
Experts Identify 9 Full Sandbox Bypass Exploits Affecting IBM Java
Researchers Identify Reflection API Vulnerability in Java 7 Update 21
Oracle Fixes 128 Vulnerabilities with April 2013 CPU
Security Explorations Publishes POC Code for Digital Satellite TV Vulnerabilities
Details of Java 7 Issue Published After Oracle Refuses to Treat It as a Vulnerability
Experts Identify 5 New Java 7 u15 Vulnerabilities Leading to a Sandbox Bypass
Oracle Confirms Java 7 Update 15 Vulnerability, but Researchers Are Still Unhappy
Oracle Assigns Tracking Numbers to Java 7 Update 15 Issues, but Fails to Confirm Flaws
Vulnerability Affecting Java 7 Update 15 and Earlier Versions Identified
Oracle Fixes 50 Java Flaws with February CPU, One Vulnerability Still Unaddressed
Experts: Silent Exploits Still Possible in Java 7, Despite Security Improvements
Security Explorations Identifies Two Vulnerabilities in Java 7 Update 11
Java 7 Update 11 Addresses the Flaw Partly Fixed in October 2012, Experts Say
Java 7 Zero-Day Possible Because Oracle Didn't Properly Address Old Vulnerability
Even Small and Unimportant Security Bugs Matter in Java, Experts Say
Experts Challenge Oracle: Fix for Java SE Issue Can Be Implemented in 30 Minutes
Oracle Issues October CPU, Java SE Users Still Exposed Until February 2013
Oracle Confirms Sandbox Bypass Vulnerability in Java SE 5, 6 and 7
One Billion Users Affected by Java Security Sandbox Bypass Vulnerability, Experts Say
Researchers Find 17 Vulnerabilities in IBM Java
Security Explorations: Oracle Confirms Newly Discovered Java Vulnerability
Java Users Still Not Safe, Experts Report New Vulnerability to Oracle (Exclusive)
Security Explorations: Oracle Has Already Prepared the Fix for Java Zero-Day
Security Firm: Apple Is Trying to Downplay the Importance of a Flaw in QuickTime
Oracle Releases June 2012 Java SE CPU, Fixes Sandbox Bypass

Security researcher to IBM: 'Fix that 2013 Java bug'
Row rumbles on over figures in Oracle CSO's anti-security rant
Google App Engine Java sandbox is leaking, say researchers
Google App Engine has THIRTY flaws, says researcher
Rotten hackers feast on mouldy Java flaws
Java still vulnerable despite recent patches
Not done yet: Oracle to ship revised Java fix on February 19
VXers exploit users' confusion over Java to punt fake update
Surprised? Old Java exploit helped spread Red October spyware
Oracle squashes 109 bugs in quarterly patch batch
Apple Java update fails to address mega-flaw – researcher
Here we go again: Critical flaw found in just-patched Java
Oracle rushes out patch for critical 0-day Java exploit
Oracle knew about critical Java flaws since April
Nokia admits major Series 40 security problems

Broken IBM Java Patch Prompts Another Disclosure
Emergency Java Patch Re-Issued for 2013 Vulnerability
Broken 2013 Java Patch Leads to Sandbox Bypass
Custom Google App Engine Tweak Still Leads to Java Sandbox Escapes
Researchers Disclose Further Vulnerabilities in Google App Engine
Several Vulnerabilities Found in Google App Engine
Java Reflection API Woes Resurface in Latest Oracle Patches
Oracle Fixes 104 Security Vulnerabilities in Quarterly Patch Update
Researchers Divulge 30 Oracle Java Cloud Service Bugs
Java 6 Zero Day a Reminder to Upgrade Browser Plug-In
Old Attack Exploits New Java Reflection API Flaw
Oracle Java Patch Update Pushes 2013 Totals Past Last Year
Oracle Addresses Java's Symptoms, But Doesn't Cure Sickness
Java Bugs, New and Old, Affecting IBM SDK
Java Sandbox Bypass Discovered that Breaks Latest Update
Java Code, Details Released for Potential Sandbox Bypass Issue
Attackers Beat Java Default Security Settings with Social Engineering
Oracle Rushes Emergency Java Update to Patch McRAT Vulnerabilities
Prompted by Oracle Rejection, Researcher Finds Five New Java Sandbox Vulnerabilities
Two More Java Zero Days Found by Polish Research Team
Latest Java Update Broken; Two New Sandbox Bypass Flaws Found
Java 7u11 Update Addresses Only One of Two Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Emergency Zero-Day Patch Does Not Quiet Calls to Disable Java
Incomplete Java Patch Paved Way for Latest Zero Day Mess
Researcher Develops Patch for Java Zero-Day, Puts Pressure on Oracle to Deliver its Fix
Oracle Leaves Fix for Java SE Zero Day Until February Patch Update
Security Experts Recommend Long, Hard Look at Disabling Java Browser Plug-In
New Zero-Day Vulnerability Found in Java 5, 6 and 7; 1.1 Billion Desktops Affected
Apple Fixes Flaws, Updates Java 6 for OS X
Newest Java 7 Update Still Exploitable, Researcher Says
Oracle Releases Fix For Java CVE-2012-4681 Flaw
Oracle Issues Patch to Fix 14 Vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities found in Google App Engine
Alleged Java flaw raises doubts on Oracle's security stance
Attack code for Oracle Java Cloud Service published
Details of unpatched vulnerabilities in Google App Engine revealed
Researchers claim yet another vulnerability exists in Java
Java update 'doesn't prevent silent exploits at all'
Nokia and Sun confirm S40, Java ME vulnerabilities
App Engine for PHP moves out of beta phase
Oracle investigating after two more Java 7 zero-day flaws found

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